Is this workshop for you?

You are responsible for the training function in your organization. 

  • You are an executive focused on the overall skills and capabilities of the learning management in your organization. 
  • You are a manager or senior leader with direct management for learning and development. 
  • You are an emerging leader who wants to grow into a management role. 

Join me for a 1-hour session to stimulate your thinking about the skills managers need to lead the training function effectively. 

We'll look at an 'ice cream' model and do a deep dive into the importance of having a background in learning and development, having skills to effectively lead projects and programs, and having the business acumen knowledge to liaise with business units in your organization. 

How will this workshop help you?

This in-person workshop includes 2 half day sessions.

  • Connect with other L&D professionals

  • Brainstorm the challenges L&D managers face leading the training function

  • Learn a model for L&D managers to succeed

  • As an executive, identify skills learning managers need across your organization

  • As a L&D manager, identify opportunities to enhance your effectiveness leading your team

  • As an emerging leader identify the skills you need to grow into your next role

Workshop includes

Two half day in-person sessions

    1. Introductions

    2. Learning as a function

    3. Financial Literacy

    4. Finance versus Accounting

    5. Wrap up and Assignments

    1. Reconnecting

    2. Financial Statements: Cash flow

    3. Financial Statements: Balance Sheet

    4. Financial Statements: Income Statement

    5. Wrap up and Next steps

This course includes

  • 10 lessons

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