Course modules

    1. Welcome to Design for a Digital Age!

    2. Join weekly online sessions

    3. Join our Community!

    4. Virtual session Participant Workbooks

    5. Design for a Digital Age virtual sessions

    6. Practice Partners Overview

    7. Policy for storage, access and use of program materials

    1. Design 101: Welcome video

    2. Design 101: Pre self-assessment

    3. The Benefit to You

    4. Where do you want to be?

    5. Make it real: Pick a project

    6. Challenges designing your virtual course

    1. Adult Learning Principles Intro video

    2. Adult Learning Principles article

    3. Critique a course against Adult Learning Principles

    4. Make it Real: Adult Learning Principles

    1. Know your learners Intro video

    2. Learners Quick Reference

    3. Learner Personas

    4. Make it Real: Identify your learners

    1. Objectives Intro video

    2. Objectives Quick Reference

    3. Business objectives

    4. Critique Business Objectives

    5. Performance objective

    6. Learning objectives video

    7. Revised Learning Taxonomy

    8. Revised Learning Taxonomy handout

    9. Critique learning objectives

    10. Make it Real: Create objectives

    1. Sequencing Topics Intro video

    2. Sequencing Learning Quick Reference

    3. How to sequence learning

    4. Make it Real: Sequencing Learning

This course includes

  • 44 lessons