Is this program for you?

If you are responsible for developing employees and are looking for ways to design better and faster, then this program is for you!

  • You might be in Human Resources and training is a small part of what you do. You need hands-on skills to quickly design effective training courses.
  • You might be an expert from operations or a line of business and you're now part of the training department. You know the content but are looking for ways to teach that content to others. 
  • You might be in Learning and Development and want to refine your instructional design skills so your virtual courses are more engaging and they take less time to develop.

If this sounds like you, then read on!

How will this program help you?

Be confident and proud in your ability to design and deliver virtual programs. This engaging online program will help you design more quickly and facilitate with ease. You will benefit by:

  • Learning content and models at your own pace.

  • Working on an actual training course you need to design.

  • Seeing good design and effective facilitation ‘in action’ so it’s role modelled for you.

  • Learning the processes I follow and receiving the templates I use with my clients.

  • Learning from other professionals through discussions and opportunities for feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is the program?

    The program is 2 months long. The independent learning can be accessed on this platform from the first day of the first month until the last day of the second month.

  • What are the different ways I'll learn?

    These are the different ways you'll learn: independent learning with participant materials, on-the-job application and getting 'real work' done, weekly virtual group sessions, and practice partners.

  • What do you mean, I'll get 'real work' done?

    This is a practical program where you'll be asked to do real work. You'll identify a course you need to design for virtual delivery. Then you'll work on that course to apply what you are learning. At the end of the program you'll have a virtual course you can deliver with confidence.

  • What are Practice Partners?

    Practice Partners provide you with the opportunity to practice facilitating what you've designed and get feedback from other participants. In the second month, I will provide you with your group and ask you to meet outside of the virtual sessions to practice facilitating a portion of the course you're working on.

  • What is the expected workload?

    There are between 2 to 4 hours per week of structured learning (e.g., independent learning through this platform and the weekly virtual sessions). In addition, you will apply what you learn to your job to get 'real work' done. The time is in addition to the structured learning, but it's work you would already need to do. This program provides you with a structure and timeline for completing it.

  • What if I can't complete all the self-study in the time allowed?

    If you would like ongoing access to the self-study materials after the program has finished, you can purchase a month-by-month subscription for $500 per month.

  • What if I want to send my team? Do you have group pricing?

    Yes, I'd be happy to work with your team. They will benefit by learning the same concepts at the same time. You will benefit by having your team all follow the same process. I would be happy to talk about discounted pricing with you.

  • What's the award this program has received?

    This program was originally called Redesign for Online. In 2021, it was recognized with a learning design award from the Institute for Performance and Learning in Canada.

Training That Clicks

Virtual Design Playbook

Check out my book! It's based on my award-winning program, Design for a Digital Age. It's for people who design virtual training and who don't have a learning and development background, or who are looking for ways to elevate their virtual courses, so they're more engaging and have more impact.

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